2 Chainz Explores A Marijuana Paradise

What heaven must look like?

2chainz is continuing his search for the most lavish and expensive luxuries that wealthy people can indulge in. His web series Most Expensivest has showcased some of the most ridiculously expensive material items that can be attained by the world’s top earners. Recently though, 2 Chainz ventured into a weed smoker’s paradise.

The College Park rapper visited California’s first legal weed cultivator, Candescent, and appeared to have the time of his life. 2 Chainz was escorted around by Adrian Sedlin, the CEO of Candescent. They walk through some of the most gorgeous weed-filled rooms, where plants can produce up to 65 pounds every two months. “We’re doing about 225 lbs a month out of this facility,” brags Sedlin. “How much the pound going for?” asks an interested 2 Chainz. “About $2,800,” answers Sedlin. Those are some very affordable prices, and 2 Chainz is immediately in awe.
Running a facility that size has its cost though. Sedlin states that the electricity bill alone costs $30,000 a month. Still, 2 Chainz knows there’s some profit to be made here. When he asks Sedlin how much the facility makes a month, the CEO pauses a moment to decide whether or not he wants to answer the question. “$600,000 a month,” he finally answers. Over a half a million a month in legal marijuana sales? That’s some good business.

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