21 Savage Explains Why He Wouldn’t Have Worked On Kanye West’s “DONDA”

21 Savage – Wouldn’t Have Worked On Kanye West’s “DONDA”

The long-standing feud between Kanye West and Drake has practically been at a stand-still since both rappers released their respective projects.

Drake outsold the sh*t out of Kanye West in the first week of Certified Lover Boy’s release which included a stand-out performance from 21 Savage.

Drake and 21’s relationship goes back to the days of the first Savage Mode but even as Savage’s stock has grown, he appears willing to turn down massive opportunities to stand on his loyalty.

21 was the latest guest on Akademiks’ Off The Record. As you can imagine, Drake ended up being a topic of discussion. We previously reported 21’s take on the Canadian rapper’s status as an artist in Atlanta but he also offered his two cents on the ongoing feud between Drake and Kanye.

The rapper explained that, unlike Post Malone, there’s a bit more politics at play if he decides to jump on a song with someone.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to be on Donda if I’m going to be on CLB,” said 21. “Me, personally. That’s just the type of n***a I am.”

Akademiks pushed back, claiming that 21 Savage wouldn’t have actually turned down the opportunity to work with Kanye. Ak’s co-host observed that 21’s kryptonite is loyalty.

“I’m talkin’ ’bout when n***as get smoked behind shit… That’s why I said the Donda and CLB shit, I was probably exaggerating a little bit but I fuck with Drake so hard… I don’t know.”

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