21 Savage Teases “Octember” Release Date For Next Project

21 Savage is dropping a new project this year

To release a new album before the year ends. On Wednesday, the ATL trapper took to his Twitter to tease a possible release date for his next project, saying it’s dropping in “Octember.”

“4th quarter savage way to clutch !!!,” he tweeted out last week before adding “Octember ??” on Wednesday. This comes just a few weeks after 21 responded in the comments of a fan’s IG page asking him when his next project was dropping, he responded to that too with “Octember,” adding more fuel to the rumored release date (see below).

What he means by “Octember” is the real question however. At first, it looks like he’ trying to say the months “September or October” combined, but that doesn’t appear to be it. Another meaning of “Octember” is taking from a Dr. Seuss book and it means between December and January, which also would make sense with it being “4th quarter,” if that’s what he meant by his last tweet (or it could simply be a basketball reference). So we’ll have to wait and see when exactly “Octember” is to 21 Savage, but it’s safe to assume a new project will be here before the year’s end. 


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