21 Savage Wants A New Episode Of “Power” Like The Rest Of Us

21 Savage, was upset last night for not airing “Power”

A new episode of Power did not air last night on Starz, as we’ve come to expect (hence, also, no recap episode today… IMB listed the next episode, “A Friend of the Family,” for August 19th, however, the date came and went with no signs of Kanan and co. The official account for the TV series confirmed on twitter that the series will return on next Sunday, August 26th.

50 Cent-produced show are miffed. File this under, “Stars: they’re just like us” as 21 Savage took to Instagram to share a video of chastising the lack of Powerepisode. In true 50 Cent form, he called to “get the strap” or as he pronounces it, “scrap.”
“Damn, 50, we wanna watch Power, lame ass n*gga, put hat shit on man!”, he says in the clip captured by TheShadeRoom below– with a grin on his face the entire time.
We’ll have to wait til next Sunday to seethe at every single thing Tariq and Angela do.

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