50 Cent Takes Playful Shots At Kanye West, Endorses Colin Kaepernick Nike Deal

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50 Cent weighs in on Colin Kaepernick’s Nike deal

Plenty of Kaep haters were quick to disavow all things Nike, with some even burning their shoes for emphasis. In any case, the hip-hop community is chalking this one up as a unanimous win, including the legendary rapper, actor, and troll 50 Cent.
“Good morning this is the BEST NIKE Campaign ever,” writes 50 Cent, bringing a rare dose of positivity to his Instagram feed. “What a statement, I can dig it man I like this.” It’s rare to see 50 Cent sincerely weigh in on socio-political issues, though a true troll seldom discriminates. This time, however, he’s making it clear where his loyalties lie, taking a proverbial knee alongside Kaepernick.

Kaepernick picture, he threw in a scathing Kanye meme, in which Ye is repping Adidas amidst the slogan “slavery was a choice.” However, that’s not to say 50 is ready to turn his back on his former rival, with whom he enjoyed a spirited sales competition back in 2007. “Yeezy be saying some bullshit but he still ours meaning Hip Hop,” writes 50. “I like this too not what he says, but what he is.”

He concludes the IG trifecta with a photo of TMZ’s Van Lathan dropping knowledge during Yeezy’s infamous interview, in which “slavery is a choice” originated. “We need moments like this to define us, the way @vanlathan responded to Kanye made me glad he was on that TMZ show,” writes 50. “What the fuck would have happen if he wasn’t there?”

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