50 Cent Talks Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Dreams” & His Similar “How To Rob”

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In an interview with Extra TV, 50 said he was a fan of the track, and also reflected on Nicki’s statement that his own track “How To Rob,” which played a role in how he approached the record. “[50] inspired that record so much,” she told Funk Flex last week. “That’s why it’s the first person I say on the song.”
“I did a song called ‘How to Rob’ that she said was the inspiration for it,” said 50 of his 1999 debut single where he talks about robbing pretty much every big name in the industry at the time. “It brings everyone in the culture that is relevant at the time ’cause they’re on her mind when she’s writing the music.”
Of course, Nicki’s track is more directly based on Biggie’s “Just Playing (Dreams)” and Lil kim’s gender reversal “Dreams,” of which she uses both concept and instrumental. 50 noted this, and applauded her flip of the classic track. “To get it from a reverse perspective, it’s cool to see that women in hip-hop have come to a point where they can do it their way,” he said.


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