6ix9ine & Anuel AA Fall In Love With Gorgeous Models In “BEBE” Video

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Tekashi 6ix9ine & Anuel AA are surrounded by models

6ix9ine also makes a return to the pool. He’s surrounded by dozens of models and Anuel AA as they fall in love by the beach. Since we had previously seen some behind-the-scenes footage of Tekashi making his best WWE, we somewhat knew what to expect and, as usual, the affair is as extravagant as anticipated.

Keeping true to his promise, Tek dropped the new video on time today and as he warned us, it’s a pretty memorable clip. Plenty of drop-dead gorgeous women circle the two artists as they sing their new all-Spanish track and dive into the water.
The Ronny J-produced song has only been out for a few hours but 6ix9ine is already expecting it to be his ninth hit in a row. Considering the support it is sure to receive in Spanish-speaking countries around the world, we’d say it’s a safe bet too.

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