Apple’s New iPhone XS Photo Leak Displays Updated Gold Finish

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Apple revealed that the new iPhone models on September 12. The news makes sense, as it aligns with Apple’s yearly holiday season tech drop that influences millions of people to upgrade on a phone they just upgraded eleven months ago. None the less, Apple is confident that their stock will only continue to rise, as it has over the last several years. Rumors about the specs for the iPhone 9 and the iPhone XS have been circulating around the internet for months, but now that the holiday season is near, consumers are getting a peak at the merchandise.

Apple “misplaced” a promotional photo for the new iPhone XS, and 9to5mac got their hands on it. The photo shows off two models, a 5.8-inch size and a new giant 6.5-inch model. The gold finish Apple originally advertised for the first generation iPhone X is making its debut on the latest model. Guilherme Rambo, the author of the 9to5mac article highlighting the new phones wrote, “We believe that the new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhones will both be called iPhone XS.” Rambo has a long history of correctly predicting Apple releases based on hours of research and a little recon work.

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