Ariana Grande On GMA: Why Pete Davidson Is “The One”

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Ariana Grande dishes on her new love and “Sweetener”

gushed in excitement over engagement with Pete Davidson, actor and comedian, on Good Morning America this morning. Host Michael Strahan put her in the hot seat with questions about her wedding plans.

Grande exclaimed that she’s “living her best life,” and that Davidson is a big part of why. The singer even released a track named “pete davidson” on her new album, Sweetener, where she sings, “my whole life got me ready for you,” and “I know you know that you my soulmate and all that.”
Strahan asked Grande what qualities make Pete “the one.” She answered, “It’s just like a feeling, you know?” continuing to explain that he “ticks every box” and gets better every day.
Grande said that they don’t plan to get married until 2019, and are in no rush to walk down the aisle, however her mother and friends have her feeling giddy with sharing wedding ideas. She talked about how positive it feels to focus on something other than her work, “I work so much I’ve never like spent this much time or energy planning something personal that like feeds my soul so much and my heart.”
Davidson stopped in the studio during her interview just to say “I love you” to his fiance. Grande said to Strahan, “we’re so annoying huh? It must be the worst! I’m just grateful, enjoying every minute because life is too short.”

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