Birdman Accuses Lil Wayne’s Manager Of Creating A Shell Company To Profit Off Drake

Lil Wayne/Birdman feud reigniting?

Everything was all good between Lil Wayne and Birdman but apparently, the feud has yet to end.  Birdman is countersuing Aspire Music Group for skimming money from the lucrative pot that contains the revenue from Drake’s music.
Aspire Music Group was created by Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant, and in 2017 the company sued Birdman, Cash Money Records, and Universal Music for not paying up when it came to Drake’s royalties. Aspire cited their discovery of Drake, which constituted for a 1/3 share in the net profits of the rap icon’s first six albums. The other two shares were split between Young Money and Cash Money. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Birdman is arguing that Aspire Music Group is a shell company that was created to help Cortez and Wayne make a larger cut of the net profits. The documents allegedly state that “Aspire was simply a shell company,” and also that, “There was no business purpose to forming Aspire, other than to siphon profits out of the joint venture and to divert those profits to Sweeney, Bryant, and Carter/ Young Money. Aspire never conducted any business other than getting Drake signed to a record label. Aspire has never signed, nor sought to sign, a single additional artist.”
Cash Money wants Aspire to drop their lawsuit against them. Birdman is also suing for fraud, aiding and abetting a breach of fiduciary duty, and interference with contractual relations. Cash Money settled their lawsuit with Lil Wayne earlier this year, and this is a separate case with Aspire Music Group altogether. Neither Lil Wayne or Young Money are named as defendants in the countersuit, although Wayne’s involvement with Aspire and Cortez will undoubtedly bring him back into the case.

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