Cardi B Behind The Scenes Met Gala Video

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The rapper turned out some amazing looks, but not without a little bit of anxiety. Cardi B Behind The Scenes Met Gala Video

Cardi B Behind The Scenes Met Gala Video

The popular American rapper, Cardi B really killed it last night at the Met Gala. Few celebrities can say that they turned out amazing looks even once at the event, let alone three times.

However, that’s exactly what Cardi did. She was determined to outshine everyone else three times over for the biggest night in celebrity fashion. She appeared first in a glitzy pink dress with a peacock-like train. Then, she changed into a form-fitting black ensemble with a black rose-adorned crinoline as the focal point. She kept her striking silver hair throughout the evening while simplifying her appearance with a dress with a black and pink pattern. She even churned out another look for the afterparty.

As evidenced by her previous outfit selections, which were praised by her fans on social media, Cardi B is no stranger to making a fashion statement. Her previous looks at the Met Gala have been lauded by many. This time, she wore well-designed outfits that were appropriate for the gala’s theme. Fans noted that her first two outfits were reminiscent of Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic looks, and even those who were unaware of the source of inspiration praised her sense of style. Cardi B Behind The Scenes Met Gala Video

Before her much talked about walk on the Met Gala carpet, Cardi B talked to Vogue about the look and the inspiration behind it. In the beginning of the video, her stylist reveals that he and Cardi planned the outfit together. “Me and Cardi talked really closely,” he said. “Just to figure out how we can pay tribute to Karl and also highlight one of our favorite houses of all time, Chanel.” Furthermore, Cardi speaks more specifically about the pieces. “It’s just Chanel and Karl. It’s a little mix, because if you see the top, it’s giving the infamous Karl suits with the tie, the white collar,” she said. “At the bottom, if you see the skirt it has the camellias.”

In the video, Cardi also opened up about feeling anxious every time she attends the Met Gala. very single time that I got to the Met, it’s fun of course,” she says. “After my first time going to the Met, I always get anxiety. And the anxieties just grow and grow and grow.” Of course, in typical Cardi fashion, she lightened up the moment immediately. “Maybe because my looks are so spectacular that people just expect every year to be more amazing than the last,” she half joked. “And it’s so hard because imagine competing with myself. That is sickening.” What did you think of Cardi’s Met Gala looks? Let us know in the comments!

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