Cardi B Exposed By “Ex-Roommate”: Herpes, Goons, Violent Jealousy & Betrayal

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This tea is hotter than the coffee Cardi B threw on her former friend.

Starmarie claims to have known Cardi B when she “didn’t have sh*t.” The former friend helped “downtrodden” Cardi get a job at the same strip club she was hustling at the time. The pair also moved in together. What started as two women helping each other out ended with violence and betrayal.
Things turned sour once Cardi B’s income and popularity at the strip club increased. The more clout she got, the nastier her attitude became, according to the former friend.

“She started to get volatile. She started to get indignant. The more we be hanging, the more molly she be taking. The more cocaine she taking.”
“I started having so many enemies because of her….I held her down to the fullest.”

The friends fell out because of the rap star’s jealousy. A generous patron at the strip club made it rain on Marie and Cardi was displeased.

“Our beef started because of some fat dude with money…I guess he had a crush on her and he threw 1000 dollars on me and I guess she got mad or whatever.”

Cardi urged her friend to tag along to her planned date with “the guy.” Although he was supposed to get with Cardi that night, her scent turned him off.

“He said she smelled like fish and didn’t want to touch her so he started gearing towards me.”

Cardi B kicked her out of the apartment because of jealousy.
Starmarie also got her fired from the strip club and made sure to send a sucker punch her way in the process.

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