Cardi B Gets New Tattoo Against Her Haters: “WE GON WIN”

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Tatted and unbothered.

She’s been making headlines for all sorts of reasons, from violent incidents to musical performances for humanitarian causes. In what seems to be an attempt to commemorate this time in her life and solidify her positive outlook, the rapper got herself a new tattoo.
Cardi Venom showed off the new ink to her social media. The photo shows the ink etched into her skin, lettering that references some of the artist’s lyrics that were inspired by a popular adage: ” Knock me down nine times but I get up ten.” The tattoo refers to the latter part of the saying, focusing on the positive outcome.
Her caption starts with a few huffing and puffing face emojis, before she affirms that she will continue to push the difficulty with grit.

“???WE GONE WIN KNOCK ME DOWN 9 TIMES !! Love my fans❤️”

Cardi turned herself in to the police and came out of the meeting with 2 misdemeanors charges. A date for her arraignment is scheduled for October 29. Meanwhile, she’s enduring digs from her rival Nicki Minaj on top of sustaining a healthy balance between work in family.

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