Cardi B On The Meaning Of “Taki Taki”: “Reggaeton Artists Be Making Sh*t Up”

The definition is somewhat obscure.

DJ Snake, Osuna and Selena Gomez for a single called “Taki Taki.” While the song is a bop and has fans swaying to its beat, some people might be wondering what the title means. Cardi comes to the rescue for those who are concerned with the track’s lyrical content by attempting to demystify the term.
A clip that was shot behind-the-scenes of the song’s music video shows Cardi B and Osuna given their own interpretations of “Taki Taki.” A confident Cardi kicks it off.

“‘Taki Taki’ I know for a fact is a word that Osuna made up. Because these reggaeton artists be making sh*t up. It’s like “What does it mean?’ I don’t know, but it flows right.”

She sums up the meaning with high-pitched fluttering gibberish, akin to a hyped up bird. Osuna echoes her opinion about the elusive definition of the term with laughter.

“‘Taki Taki’ is nothing, it’s a dance. It’s like a flow. It’s new. That’s a new sound. It’s new. I don’t know what I’m saying. ‘Taki Taki’ is not in Spanish.”

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What do ya think TAKI TAKI means?

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