Cardi B Remixes Selena’s Classic Hit Into An Ode For The Haters

Cardi B wants you to know, once again, that she’s not going anywhere.

Cardi B is no rookie when it comes to putting trolls in their place. Just recently Funk Flex declared that the “I Like It” rapper used to pay DJs to play her music when she was on the come-up. Before Cardi could really even speak on the rumour, Funk quickly jumped in to set the record straight on what he said. “Let’s be clear! Cardi never paid me to play records.. I played them cause I liked them! Unfortunately many djs have their hands out even if the record is a smash! I seen djs hold good records back until they get a “Bag,”” he tweeted.
In one of Cardi’s latest efforts in letting her haters know that she’s not going anywhere, she’s grabbed Selena’s classic song “Dreaming of You” and put her own little spin on the lyrics. “Late at night when all the world is sleeping / You stay up and think of me,” she sings in the video below. “And you wish on a star that I will be gone / But I’m still here.”
She continues: “Cause I’m blessed by Jesus Christ and tomorrow I’ll still be alright. And there’s no one in the world that can take that from me because my mother prays for me and Hennesey.”

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