Cardi B Reveals All Her Issues With Nicki Minaj & Reason For Fight

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Cardi B addresses Nicki Minaj in an Insta post.

Cardi, was eventually escorted out of the venue, but not before lunging at Nicki and throwing a shoe at her. Cardi’s exit from the party was accompanied with a large lump on her forehead, while Nicki was seemingly unscathed.
Cardi B has taken to Instagram to address the situation. In a note she shared with her followers, she freely laid out all her issues with Nicki, although she doesn’t actually say Nicki by name.

Nicki is blackballing her from the industry, but the last straw came when Nicki apparently started talking about Cardi as a mother, and her baby in general. “Bitches talk all that shit in they raps but in real life they pussy!!,” she wrote in the message.

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