Cardi B To Touch On Nicki Minaj Feud In Upcoming Sketch Comedy Show

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Cardi B has a new project underway.

People first fell in love with Cardi B because of her personality. She’s humorous, honest and overall, one of the most entertaining people in the business. Earlier this week, “Wild N Out” star Rip Michaels revealed that he’ll be launching a new sketch comedy show called “Off The Rip” which will also star Cardi B. When it’s unsure when it’ll launch, one thing is certain: nothing is off the table.
Rip Michaels recently spoke to Hollywoodlife about his forthcoming sketch comedy show on the VMA red carpet. The comedian shared some details on the show and praised Cardi B for her comedic chops while revealing that nobody is safe from getting clowned on.

“I don’t think people really know how funny Cardi actually is. She’s a beast at it. She’s doing re-occurring characters and playing these roles,” he said. “When I tell you, Off the Rip, we touch on everything. There is no sacred cows. We touched on Nicki beef, we touched on 50cent, we touched on a whole bunch of people that you just wouldn’t expect us to talk to. We gon’ need bodyguards after this show.”
Rip Michaels also revealed that Cardi will also be doing a segment called “Hoe Etiquette” where Cardi B teaches people how to be a “proper hoe.”

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