Cardi B Unveils New Face Tattoo

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Check out the new face tattoo by Cardi B Face Tattoo

Cardi B Unveils New Face Tattoo

Cardi B Unveils New Face Tattoo

The American rapper; Cardi B finally debuted some new ink, after teasing fans and revealing that she had a…..
Cardi B has given fans a glimpse of her brand-new face tattoo.
Last month, hairstylist Luis Santana posted a video showing the “I Like It” rapper getting some red ink added to her jawline during a visit to a tattoo studio.

While Cardi didn’t share any further details at the time, she revealed the full design during an Instagram Live on Saturday.

Lifting her hair to show off her new body art, the star explained that she decided to have her 12-month-old son Wave’s name inked in red cursive script on her face.
“I tatted my son’s name because I love him,” she said of her little boy, whom she shares with her husband Offset.

In addition, Cardi shared that she also has a new tattoo tribute for her four-year-old daughter Kulture.

“And I tatted my daughter’s name,” the 29-year-old explained, before gesturing to the design in cursive script on her arm.

Earlier this year, the hip-hop star teased plans to get a face tattoo.

“Random but ….I’m 1% close too tatting my sons name on my face….I really really wanna do it!” she tweeted.

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