Chance The Rapper Outduels Nick Cannon On “Wild ‘N Out:”


Chance the Rapper came out swinging on the season premiere of “Wild ‘N Out.”

The invited guest for this season’s premiere of “Wild ‘N Out” was a man few would expect to hear a profanity out of. Yes, Chance the Rapper was selected to duel with incumbent host Nick Cannon. Chance is whip-smart, even though he seldom displays it at full force. Maybe Nick thought he’d catch a sitting duck, but boy was he wrong. During the final roast, Chance called him Nick a “nerdy, Killmonger lookin’ ass” something or other, then proceeded to critique his braids by suggesting they made him look like a “emo Quavo lookin’ ass boy.”

From there things got a little sticky for Nick, with Chance reminding of his shameful road to fame. The Chicago rapper didn’t even have to list the Nickelodeon come-up, his marital fallout with Mariah, or anything remotely personal other guests presume were “fair game.” The mere suggestion of those personal indignities was enough to put Cannon right in his place. But remember it’s only a joke contest, all of everything gets erased, especially the misdeeds.
Afterwards, Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to thank Nick Cannon for the opportunity, and for offering upstart comedians & “creative types” a platform to share their gift.

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