Demi Lovato’s Drug Dealer Finally Speaks: “She Knew What She Was Taking”

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Relationship was more than simply transactional

their relationship began as a “flirty friendship,” which later became “sexual.” Demi deny the sexual nature of the relationship. Johnson said Demi would have him come over “to kick it.” He also added that this was the type of hangout the singer had in mind when she contacted the pusher around 4 am the day she overdosed.
When he was asked if Demi was aware of the kind of drug she was consuming, Brandon Johnson responded in a slightly defensive manner.

“A hundred percent she knew what she was taking. I had disclosed to her that these are not, you know, pharmaceutical. They’re much stronger. She understood fully… It was unfortunate what happened. For people to think that there was any misconception on my behalf is absolutely ridiculous.”

Although he said that Demi “knew what she was taking,” he revealed that he actually wasn’t completely aware of the drug’s composition himself. The pusher is known to cop his drugs in Mexico.

“I’m not sure what is mixed in the pills.

Later, he affirmed to have learned something from the incident.

“It’d definitely a wakeup call for her obviously, but it opened my eyes too.”

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