Donald Trump Praises Kim Kardashian For Being A “Good Wife”: “She Did A Great Thing”

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Trump makes his admiration public

Trump addressed Yeezy. He acknowledged how his success has been boosted thanks to the music icon.

“All of a sudden those numbers started going up, up, up, and we did great,” Trump explained. “Now we’re doing great and Kanye West liked me. And that really lifted my [numbers] Kanye West has some real power!”

Then, the praise was directed to the female party of the West couple. Trump insisted upon just how good of a spouse Kim is.

“And he’s got a good wife too in Kim, I’ll tell ya. She really is. She did a great thing, a great thing.”

The “great thing” the president mentioned isn’t clarified. It could involve anything from her building a whole empire on the foundation of an infamous sex tape to her meeting with the president about prison reform. Or maybe he just meant that her choosing Ye as a husband was a good call. Who knows? Trump quickly changed the subject.

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