Drake Admits He Cancelled A Concert To See 11-Year-Old Heart Patient: Watch

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The heartwarming moment. 

11-year-old Sofia Sanchez wanted for her birthday was to meet the Drake The adorable young girl has been confined to  Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, as she recovers from one heart surgery while waiting for a new heart altogether. Sanchez made an In My Feelings Challenge video, where she does the viral dance after hopping out of her wheelchair instead of out of a car, and it got Drake’s attention. After seeing the video, and Sanchez’s request that he come to visit her for her birthday.
A video of the moment Drake walks into Sanchez’s room shows just how excited the young girl was at Drizzy’s arrival. As soon as he peels the curtains back, Sanchez screams as if she just won the lottery. The excited young girl cannot believe her eyes, and is stunned into a moment of paralyzation as Drake asks her for a hug. “I’m so happy you came,” squeals Sanchez in the most adorable voice ever. “I kinda canceled a concert so I could come and see you, to be honest with you,” admits Drake as he sits down. Sanchez’s face is priceless as she takes in the news that Drizzy put her above his own concert.

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