Drake & Jay-Z Are Early Winners Of The “Street Dealer To Drug Lord” Meme

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The “Street Dealer to Drug Lord” meme is starting to make the rounds.

“Glow up” memes have littered the Web before, but not in the organized manner in which the “Street Dealer” meme presents itself. Inevitably, the meme is being disguised as a motivational tool, but in many cases, it ends up embarrassing the subject.
The left-hand side of the “Street Dealer” meme is generally occupied by the older compromised photo, the right side, an appreciable “current day” version of the subject. Many of the more cutting submissions use cultural phenomena already embedded in our minds, like the photos that were uncovered of Rick Ross as a correctional officer in a previous lifetime

Submissions to incorporate a similar element of familiarity even if they don’t pertain to a moment in particular, a good example being a time-specific photo of Jay-Z wearing a durag, or something of that order. Here are some of the best submissions in this early juncture of the “Street Dealer to Drug Lord” meme ascendancy.


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