Drake & OBJ Watch As Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex Beats Up Club Doorman

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Younes Bendjima assaults an employee at Delilah nightclub with famous friends in attendance.

An entourage comprised of Drake, Odell Beckham Jr. and Kourtney Kardashian’s ex boyfriend Younes Bendjima, among others, were passing by the backdoor on their way out to avoid fanfare. Bendjima who is among the men leading the pack, was the first to react to something an employee muttered as he opened the door for the group.
As can be seen, within seconds of the doorman’s gesticulation, Younes throws a punch landing flush on his temple, but he didn’t stop there. Younes then grabbed the top his dome, rendering him motionless, thus positioning himself for a one-sided exchange. The first couple blows are clearly visible, then Younes pushes the doorman into the tunnel, where only the “snap back” motion of his punches can be seen intermittently.
TMZ who obtained the footage, does a good job of pointing Drake and Odell Beckham Jr, who can been seen hanging back while the beat down reaches a fiery point. Sources close to TMZ say the employee initially filed a police report, which he later rescinded. It is believed the victim was guilty of “talking smack” on some level, hence why Younes’ entourage did little to restrain him.

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