Drake Shows Major Love To Lil Wayne: “Seek Out Mentors That Challenge You”

Drake recognizes how much Lil Wayne has helped him out.

Not many predicted that he would take over the world but he did so before our very eyes, becoming the top star in the music industry. We can remember him acting goofy in the “Bedrock” video and thinking that he had a bright future, but what was coming could not have been anticipated by anybody other than Drake and Lil Wayne. Weezy knew from the start that he had struck gold with Nicki Minaj and Drake as they soon became top stars in the business. Drake has a tight-knit team of producers and engineers that he regularly works with but he owes a lot to Lil Wayne, which he clearly understands.

The “God’s Plan” artist brought out his mentor during a recent show in Miami and he took to Instagram to encourage would-be artists to find their own Lil Wayne. “I encourage all of you to seek out mentors that challenge you to think for yourself and guide you to find your own voice,” wrote Drizzy Drake. Tunechi has been with him through the ups and downs and now that there’s no stopping Drake, the Torontonian is doing all he can to recognize his OG as one of the main reasons for his success. 

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