Eminem Disses Drake’s Use Of Ghostwriters On “Kamikaze”

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Eminem will never hire a ghostwriter 

Kamikazecame from out of nowhere and while many of the Detroit artist’s fans were underwhelmed with his recent work on Revival, the new body of work is already being touted as one of his best in years. With 13 tracks and a whole lot of name-dropping, we had to have been ready for some of his classic pot-stirring and Em came through, dissing *insert your favorite mumble rapper here* and a few other big names. Namely, Drake was seemingly called out on “Kamikaze.”
“Kamikaze” has some lethal wordplay against some prominent figures in the game, Drake appears to be singled out near the end of the title cut as Em begins:

“You got some views, but you’re still below me
Mine are higher, so when you compare our views, you get overlooked
And I don’t say the hook unless I wrote the hook
And now I’m just freestylin’ in the vocal booth
And you know I’ve always spokethe truth
You lyin’ through your teeth so much, you broke a tooth
And it ain’t somethin’ I need a phone to do
When I say I can’t wait ’til I get ahold of you
And I don’t know what I’m s’posed to do
Line up the rappers, take my pic like a photo shoot”

While he doesn’t necessarily mention the Six God by name, it’s pretty clear who Shady is taking aim at. With the clever references to Views before speaking on the issue of ghostwriting, something that Drizzy is all too familiar with after his beef Witt Meek mill it’s safe to assume that Em has some feelings about the man’s use of exterior writing in his music. One thing is for sure: Eminem will always write his rhymes and he will never hold back on his true feelings.
What did you think of the new album? Do you agree with the early reviews that it’s one of his best works in a while?

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