Eminem FaceTimes Ed Sheeran To Ask About “River” Collaboration

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Eminem has been dubbed by Ed Sheeran. 

After managing to master the “selfie,” Em has moved on to the next level, FaceTime, albeit with mixed results. His latest skillset was on full display during a press conference for Ed’s upcoming documentary “Songwriter,” in which the ubiquitous singer found himself receiving a FaceTime call from Em.

The corner of Em’s head is immediately visible as he asks Sheeran a question. “So Ed,” he says, “how did it feel to work with your favourite rapper, meaning me?” Ed proceeds to break down the process which ultimately led to “River,” saying “I was in Australia and I got hit up by Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg, and he said ‘do you want to pitch a song for Em’s album?'” The request led to Ed crafting the barebones structure of “River,” which he sent to Eminem’s camp.

At Mexican tour, Ed came to found out about the song a year later. “I’d sent the song and he’d done it within two weeks of me doing it,” says Ed. “I just didn’t find out for a year.” He goes on to praise Eminem’s character, saying “he’s everything you hope he would be. Thoughtful, polite. A nice person.”

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