Eminem Talks Meeting Dr Dre & More With LL Cool J

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All-timers have a chat.

He explains how he got into rap (“the music just spoke to me”) and also relating to the character in his song “Stan,” describing how when talking to fans, “there’s always gonna be somebody that you don’t get the chance to get to” and that when he heard the beat with the Dido hook, he was reminded of his childhood and how he worshipped people like LL and Run DMC.

He was confused, however, about the reverse: “how could somebody worship me, though?” The song came out of Em trying to understand this position of worship.
There are also some great stories about the early days of Eminem, post 8-Mile but pre full-on fame, like when he got the chance to meet Dr Dre in Vegas and Mark Bass told Em that “we got a call from some doctor.”

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