Floyd Mayweather Responds To 50 Cent’s Illiteracy Meme

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Floyd responds to 50 Cent

Floyd caught wind of the disrespectful meme, and decided to respond with his own shot at Fif, making fun of 50 Cent for having herpes.

Using the black & white backdrop of Fif’s face, Floyd wrote “When I Have A Herpes Flare Up, My Boyfriends Always Tells Me Don’t Worry Get The Strap!” Floyd captioned the post with “Is Curtis Jackson my biggest fan or my biggest groupie?”

While the response was pretty good in its own right, it doesn’t look to have bothered 50 at all her. Not long 50 shared the photo himself on his own IG, and laughed it off, saying Floyd must be mad again. “LOL CHAMP MAD AT ME AGAIN, BECAUSE YAL LAUGHING AT HIM,” Fif shared again. 


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