“Game Of Thrones” Final Season Snippet Airs During HBO Series Preview

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Are you ready for the new season?

Final season of Game of Thrones is halfway here, and fans are desperate for any glance they can get of the show’s eighth season. The last season ended with several cliffhangers, the biggest one being the relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. History looks like it will repeat itself, as two Targaryens make love and attempt to rule the seven kingdoms. Of course, Snow doesn’t know he’s a Targaryen yet, but that will all be revealed in due time. Although the eighth season of Game of Thrones will only be 6 episodes long, HBO promises they will be the most intense episodes of the franchise.

HBO recently released a trailer that highlights all of their upcoming shows. A personal favorite, The Deuce, is set to return, and a snippet of the James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal show is displayed during the preview. New shows such as Pod Save America and Camping also get small features in the trailer. Once the trailer hits the 1:10, a quick peek at Game of Thrones is shown. A scene of Jon Snow hugging his sister Sansa Stark quickly plays, while “Final Season” is captioned on screen.

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