Ice Cube Talks BIG3, Kobe Bryant, Fake Thugs, & New “Friday” Film

Cube recruits Kobe

The majority of the interview focuses on Ice Cube’s BIG3 league. For those who may be in the dark, BIG3 is a three-on-three basketball league that Cube started. Most of the players are retired NBA stars, with players such as Amar’e Stoudemire, Metta World Peace and Baron Davis playing in the most recent season.
Kobe Bryant is joining the BIG3 League, something that Cube does not confirm. When Charlamagne tha God asked Cube about whether or not Kobe has signed up for the league, Ice Cube stated, “I hope he do. I want him to.” When Charlamagne asked Cube if he would allow Kobe to just come and go as he pleases, essentially treating the league like volunteer pick up games, the NWA legend declined. “You want somebody that’s committed, and serious about the league,” he replied. He also revealed that Magic Johnson is the best Laker to ever play for the purple and gold.

DJ Envy presses Cube for what he thinks about the new age of rappers that are taking gang culture as a trend. “It’s kinda always in a way been like that,” answered Cube. “You got some real riders, who’ll ride or die. And when it get heavy, you know, they still stay down. And you got some dudes that gang bang when it’s convenient. When there ain’t no smoke, ain’t nothing going down. When it really get heated, and you start losing people, and the bullets start flying, they ready to quit… it’s nothing to play with.” As far as the next Frday film, Cube says nothing can get moving until New Line Cinema gets the funds right.

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