Iggy Azalea Reacts To Being Name-Dropped On Eminem’s “KILLSHOT”

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Iggy Azalea gives her two cents on Eminem’s new diss track.

Ever since “Rap Devil” dropped early this month, people have been waiting to hear what exactly Em would say in his response. While there is no more need to wait for the reply, reactions are now pouring out about the song. Shady name-dropped a lot of people in “KILLSHOT” and one of them has already clapped back, referring to the mention as “lazy.”
Iggy Azalea has been busy promoting her latest project, Survive The Summer, and when she’s not doing that, she can be found twerking on the ‘gram. She took a different approach today by voicing her opinion for her fans to praise and her critics to hate on, bringing up what she thinks about Eminem’s new record. “Diss songs shouldn’t be filled with celebrity name drops to pad out lazy bars,” said Iggy.
While that alone would have been enough of a statement, she elaborated, “And that’s my unbiased opinion from a girl that watched this guys set and sung the words in the crowd. I’d think it regardless. One of the greatest to do it, I’m NOT in dispute about that. But I do think the name dropping thing has become a crotch.”
She explains why it has grown old since he started bringing up people’s names in his earlier work, calling it creative then but lazy now. Do you agree with Azalea’s tweets? Chime in in the comments.

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