Kanye West Accused Of Stealing “I Love It” Sample By DJ David Morales

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Kanye loves a good sample. 

Several artists have already come forward to claim that the Chicago rapper took inspiration from their music without giving them their due credit.  T-Pain responded to fan speculation surrounding an old video in which he was working on a track that sounds eerily similar to West’s quirky single. “Not saying he snatched,” says Pain, “but I’m claiming inspiration.

DJ David Morales, who claims that the bassline on West’s track was from a song he produced for Alexander Lewis titled “What Is This Thing Called Love” over 25 years ago. Morales had this to say: “So yes, that is my bassline that I did over 25 years ago.

Nobody asked me any permission, nobody gave me any love, no points, no royalty, not even a coupon to Walmart,” he mused. “Damn, you what I’m sayin? But nonetheless, I’m going on record — this is my bass line.”


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