Kanye West Confirms “Good Ass Job” Album With Chance The Rapper

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Kanye West confirms new album with Chance The Rapper

It looks like Chance’s upcoming album is indeed going to be a joint effort with Kanye West. Over the weekend, Chance teased the title”Good Ass Job” on his Instagram page, leaving fans hopeful that this was finally the title to his upcoming project, and it turns out it’s true. On Monday night, Kanye was a special guest at Chance’s monthly Open Mic night in Chicago, where he officially confirmed that Good Ass Job is the title to their upcoming project.

“Me and Chance working on a new album” Kanye said as the students went nuts. “It’s called Good Ass Job. Now I love you guys very much, we need to go to the studio,” he added before Chano grabbed the mic and gave Kanye a proper closing ovation. We knew Kanye was in Chicago these past few weeks cooking up new material with Chace as we saw by their studio sessions, but we didn’t know it would be a joint album.

Kanye sent twitter into a frenzy thinking he’s prepping the release of Yeezus 2. He shared a possible tentative cover art on his IG page, resembling what some believe is the sequel to Yeezus, maybe called “Yhandi”? Who knows if this is any correlation to the Chano project, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted moving forward.


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