Kanye West Drops $240,000 On Neon Mercedes-Benz G-Class For Kim Kardashian

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Kanye blesses wifey with a new ride

It must be hard shopping for a woman that has everything, but ‘Ye found a way to pull it off. Kanye West and wife Kim attended 2Chainz’s wedding last week at the Versace Manion in Miami, and it appears the Kim dropped a huge hint about something she wanted. The reality tv star spotted a Mercedes Benz G-Class, dubbed the “G Wagon,” and fell in love with it. Before she could think about picking one up herself, Kanye bought one for her.
Kanye West can be seen walking around in his slides. Baby Saint can also be seen walking around in pajamas, but front and center is a 2018 neon green G Wagon. “You guys, I got the truck of my dreams ’cause I was so excited in Miami. I’m so excited,” exclaims Kim as she records the video. Kanye gets closer to the camera and cracks a large smile. “The real question is… do those fit? That’s what everyone wants to know,” joked Kim as she zoomed in on Kanye’s slides. Kim’s Instagram story continues as she pulls up to see her sister Kylie, who has a matching neon orange G Wagon.


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