Kanye West: “I Can Only Be The Boss. I Don’t Have The Time Otherwise”

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Kanye shared insight into his creative process on Twitter.

His studio sessions always include a large and varied collection of people that welcome everyone from Justin Vernon to Ab-Liva. These large musical brainstorms are also reflected in the writing credits on his albums.

It seems that as many cooks as there may be in the kitchen, Kanye always maintains the executive chef position, something he’s articulated in a tweet today.

“I can only be the boss,” he wrote. “I don’t have the time otherwise. It takes time to talk people into things. It takes no time to tell people what to do.”
The tweet could refer to many other creative endeavors outside of music, but seems to be all-encompassing. Most recently, Kanye served as the creative director at the inaugural Pornhub awards. The event was set in the year 6918 with a phallic award designed by Ye himself.
“Kanye has designed a bespoke erotica-inspired award statue for each of tonight’s unique categories,” read a press release.

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