Kanye West’s “Yandhi” Didn’t Drop On Schedule, Fans Are Getting Anxious

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Kanye West is testing the patient of his fan.

Kanye has been late to the party in the past, even the Nasir project arrived a whole day late, and the slip-up was later forgiven. The following memes and social media comments do begin to describe the impatience of his greatest supporters. In fact, even his greatest critics want to be part of the action, feel the pulse of the current zeitgeist — get in on the fun. This is how they reacted to Yandhi not dropping on schedule.

This is greatest of all we have to ask ourselves, are we being Trojan Horse’d? Is there even a Yandhi folder somewhere in the backend?

Yandhi, Barter 7 and the Weezy project that is currently in our rotation.


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