Kim Kardashian Swears She’s Not A Diva

Kim Kardashian talks about her soul

Kim probably seems like the least shy reality star out there with her numerous semi-nude photos on Instagram, her skin-tight Yeezy get-ups and thong bikinis, but under it all the 37-year-old mother of three swears she’s modest. Kim recently teamed up with CR Fashion Book for a high fashion spread and she talked to the publication about not being a diva as well as her “soul.”
“What’s funny is that, though I obviously am very comfortable not being modest, my soul inside is kind of modest. “My closest friends know that about me.”
She added: “I’m not a diva who shows up on set and has all these demands of specific angles and glam and how I want to look. I like doing things that aren’t me or aren’t the way that people typically see me, and I love to see that version too.”
This past weekend Kim and Kanye attended 2 Chainz’s wedding and Kim dazzled in a skin-tight neon green dress, while Kanye left people in his “Baby Pool Shoes.”

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