Kodak Black Is Turning Down $100K Gigs To Focus On New Music

Kodak Black has been flatly rejecting the six-figure advances of promoters

After spending most of his time in solitary confinement, the Florida rapper has either grown accustomed to his solitude, or has something marvelous up his sleeves. According to TMZ, Kodak has been turning down six-figure offers to perform one-off concerts.
Apparently Kodak was asked to perform at a District of Columbia-area college for $100,000. He also received an offer for $105,000 from a concert venue in South Dakota (yes hip hop is universal). A cannabis festival in Oregon tried to book him for little over $100,000. Last but not least, a Tallahessee music festival taking place on Labor Day weekend tried to outbid the other interested parties by sending him a proposal for $125,000, all of which he stubbornly refused because he wants to focus on new material.
In theory, none of the gigs conflicted with one another, so Kodak could have skated away with over $400,000 on four days work. This news will surely excite fans who were growing antsy in anticipation for new Kodak. His last project which dropped on Valentines Day left a lot to be desired, but fans were able to ascertain why hodge podge job of assembly was done out of necessity, for they knew his next drop would be a long time coming.

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