Lil Wayne sues ex-lawyer for $20m for overcharging him

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Lil Wayne has sued his former lawyer of over 13 years, for 20 million Dollar, saying the lawyer hit him with some hefty fees over the years.

Wayne is suing Ronald Sweeney, who repped him from 2005 through Sept. 2018 because he says the attorney was charging some hefty fees.

The reason why Wayne gave his ex-lawyer the boot is due to some hefty fees that reportedly amount to $20M.

Wayne says Sweeney charged him 10 percent for every deal he helped close. The problem is Wayne claims Sweeney failed to inform him the industry standard is a mere 5 percent.

According to the docs, Sweeney got pretty greedy proposing he get an additional 10 percent of all profits from Wayne’s label, Young Moneybut Wayne says that was swiftly shot down.

Wayne claimed that Sweeney even hired another law firm to help in the litigation between Wayne and Cash Money over Tha Carter V deal. Weezy said that the firm received 23% of the Cash Money settlement and an additional 15% of the settlement money from the Universal Music Group settlement. Weezy claimed that those numbers were on top of the Sweeney’s 10%.

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