Lil Yachty Reacts To Eminem Taking A “Shot” At Him On “Kamikaze”

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The rapper’s mention was not explicitly a “diss,” according to Em himself, it wasn’t exactly a compliment either.
“I can see why people like Lil Yachty, but not me though/Not even dissin’, it just ain’t for me,” he raps on “The Ringer,” in a bar that seems to speak more to rap’s generation gap than Yachty’s lack of abilities. After that, he points out the possible difference in audiences between himself and Yachty: “All I am simply is just an emcee/Maybe ‘Stan’ just isn’t your cup of tea/Maybe your cup’s full of syrup and lean/Maybe I need to stir up shit.”

However you take the lyrics, there are enough people online suggesting Eminem is “taking shots” at Yachty that the rapper caught wind of it before even hearing the song. Though he was unaware of exactly how hard Em went in on him, he seemed entertained and honored at the thought of being dissed by a legend.
“Lmao me personally I think it’s fye Eminem took a shot at me.. I fuck wit Eminem,” he wrote on Twitter. When someone responded arguing that it was not a diss at all, Yachty revealed that he was just going off of what Twitter had told him. Turns out, he’s a bit bummed out he didn’t get a proper shot.

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