Machine Gun Kelly’s Crew Arrested By Atlanta Cops For Hotel Fight

 An arrest warrant for 3 men from MGK’s entourage for jumping actor G-Rod at a hotel lobby.

Footage surfaced online of Machine Gun Kelly’s entourage jumping and beating up actor Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez at a hotel lobby earlier this Summer after he referred to the artist as a “pussy” for his tweets about Eminem‘s daughter years ago. Kelly actually pushed G-Rod away, but it was his crew later on that beat the crap outta him in a hotel lobby. Well as a result of the fight, a judge has issued warrants for the arrest of three men in Machine Gun Kelly’s entourage.

Atlanta PD have ID’d at least 3 individuals involved in the brutal beatdown of G-Rod, and they’ve each been charged with misdemeanor battery. Sources say at least 2 of the crew members live outside the state, and Atlanta PD won’t spend resources to extradite the suspects since they’re only charged with misdemeanors.

As for Kells, sources say the Cleveland bad boy will not be charged because the investigation determined G-Rod triggered the fight. G-Rod has not been charged yet, and it’s unclear if he will be either.

Revisit the fight right here if you missed it.


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