Meek Mill Fears Going Back To Jail “Every Day” Since His Return

Fear of prison life extends beyond the jailhouse doors

Meek Mill was quoted as saying that he fears going back to prison every single day because of causes greater than himself. “I always worry about that, every day. And I don’t like living like that…Being somebody who pays a lot of taxes, somebody who employs people, who takes care of their family and…Why me,” asked Meek rhetorically. “Why do I have to be the person caught up in the middle of this?”
Meek Mill was arrested in 2007 for riding a dirt bike in New York City, a dismissed case that Judge Brinkley has levied against him in her character assassination of the Philly rapper. Meek recently lost a big to have Brinkley unseated from her position, but his attorneys will proceed with the injunction in lower courts.
There was a moment in cover story where Meek questioned his outward actions: “I was talking to my friend the other day. He was like ‘You can’t ride dirt bikes forever? Because we been doing that since we was like 5 years old.” But within seconds of reflection Meek Mill realized he wasn’t legally wrongful, “When I get off probation, it’s going to be back to riding bikes,” he said.

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