Megan Thee Stallion Replies To Nicki Minaj Diss Track

Megan Thee Stallion Responds To Nicki Minaj Diss Track With “Good Morning” Thirst Trap

Megan Thee Stallion is one of the biggest stories in hip-hop right now. On Friday, she came through with “Hiss,” a fiery track that takes aim at some of the people who have been against her. One such person is Nicki Minaj, who previously collaborated with Meg. Overall, this track was a huge success and the music video had many impressed. However, it led to Nicki’s social media rampage in which she had all sorts of defamatory messages for Meg. On Monday morning, Minaj even dropped “Big Foot,” her official Megan Thee Stallion diss track.

Throughout the morning, we have seen a whole plethora of reactions to this new song. As you can imagine, people are taking sides at a furious pace. However, it seems like anyone who is not a Barb is siding with Meg. Some feel like Nicki’s diss track has wack bars and should never have been released. Meanwhile, there has been curiosity over whether or not Meg would even reply. Well, it seems like she has, although not with a diss track. Instead, she had something else in store for her fans.

Megan Thee Stallion Replies To Nicki Minaj Diss Track

In the Instagram post above, Meg wrote, “Good morninggg!!! HISS OUT NOW.” Moreover, she accompanied this with some thirst traps from her video shoot for “Hiss.” For instance, you can see that she is naked in some of these photos, yet strategically covered in some type of red rope. She even showcased a front-facing shot that had to be censored. Needless to say, Meg isn’t too bothered by what Nicki has to say about her. She is feeling confident, and her fans are adoring the energy she’s giving off. If anything, it is the sign of a massive victory.

A response track is still a possibility. That said, it doesn’t seem like Meg is readying anything just yet. Stay tuned to HNHH as we will be sure to update you if that changes. Let us know what you think of this rap feud, in the comments section below.


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