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Better Days.

Better days is a song by an upcoming South African song writer and singer, Nala. The song was released independently on June 2018 through CD Baby and is available worldwide for digital download and streaming. The song has also been play-listed on a number of local radio stations and it has also been given a rating of 4.9/5 on Google music by fans.
The song was written early 2017 by Nala, the music was composed by Moeketsi Tukisi however was later re-made by Jonathan Shaw Studios.
The song consists of reggae instruments and is very soulful. Before the song was re-made it sounded very digital, so Mr Shaw used instruments that sounded live, giving it a more live performance element. Better Days can be classified as Afro Pop/Jazz, often when people hear it they say it reminds them of the renowned South African Afro Jazz band, Freshly Ground.
Before production Nala was certain that she wanted a very unique soulful song that would just captivate the listeners.She approached Moeketsi and together co-produced the music for the song. In early 2017, Nala had come up with a concept for the song and later recorded it in her home town Maseru, Lesotho.
She says that the song was inspired by her own experiences. She says our journeys aren’t always so great and sometimes it gets hard and you feel like nothing is going right and life is just unfair but then somehow you still manage to be stay faithful and hopeful, and grateful and you look forward to a better days. Most of us need a better day, this is what makes the song special because everyone can relate.* Click the Link below and Share your comments.

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