Nicki Minaj & Cardi B Attend Milan Fashion Week: Let The Games Begin

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Milan fashion week.

The rise of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper and this concept was only solidified by the physical altercation she instigated during New York Fashion Week. Now that the Italian fashion capital is hosting their own festivities, both artists are making their rounds in Milan.
Nicki Minaj has a substantial reason for her presence. She has paired with Diesel, an Italian brand, for their new line. She premiered the “BAD GUY” apparel with pride on social media.
Cardi B hasn’t stepped into the fashion world in the same way, her reason for being there is valid. Her sister Hennessy Carolina hit the runway for her first major catwalk appearance. Cardi, who describes her sister a her “rock” was there to support her sibling.
Cardi B and Nicki Minaj might not ever be in the same room during this fashion week considering the panoply of events they have to choose from. If they do, however, we hope the pair can give their fans what they are longing for.

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