Nicki Minaj & Nas Star Alongside Serena Williams In New Beats By Dre Ad

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Serena Williams’ new Beats By Dre commercial, co-starring Nas & Nicki Minaj.

On Monday night, the headphone company shared a new commercial ad praising “Queen” Serena in the process.

The commercial starts out with Nas saying “In Fair Queens a complex sits. Between two sides, our hero split,” before Serena comes into the picture on a stoop in NYC and Nicki s “Majesty” record with Eminem plays in the background. Serena eventually works her way to the middle of the street where she’s crowned “Queen.” Nicki ends the ad be saying “Now watch the Queen conquer.”

Shortly after the ad surfaced, Nicki shared the commercial on her own IG page, giving Serena huge praise in the process, calling her a “talented, strong, beautiful, intelligent, unapologetic, gracious, TRIUMPHANT, QUEEN!!!!!”

Nicki wrote:  “I speak for all of us when I say it’s been an absolute pleasure watching you show us what it is to be a true QUEEN! Talented, strong, beautiful, intelligent, unapologetic, gracious, TRIUMPHANT, QUEEN!!!!!! It seems we are never skinny enough, tall enough, nice enough, strong enough, funny enough, sexy enough, pretty enough, classy enough, quiet enough… UGH! The list goes on & on & on & ON! You are just getting started & have already become the BEST OF THE BEST. CONGRATULATIONS SERENA!!!! We’re dialed in!!!! LETS GO!!!!! #Majesty Love to ALL MY QUEENS! Proud of all of you!”


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