Pablo Escobar’s Brother Files $2.6B Lawsuit Against Apple Over iPhone

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Roberto Escobar filed a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly having his life at risk over their security features.

Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto claims that they compromised his security. The brother of the infamous kingpin filed a lawsuit for $2.6 billion dollars against the tech giant after he was hacked.
Roberto claims that someone found his address through FaceTime, even though, an employee at Apple reassured him that iPhone X’s have top-notch security functions that make it the most secure phone out right now.

Roberto alleges he suffered emotional distress from the trauma from having his life and security in potential danger. Prior to purchasing an iPhone, he said that he had already been targetted in assassinations and was in need of a phone that could provide him security.
Roberto said that he discovered this information after he looked into the matter with his own resources to discover that his phone was hacked over FaceTime.

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