Peter Obi steps down from 2023 presidential race

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How Peter Obi steps down from 2023 presidential race

Peter Obi steps down from 2023 presidential race

Peter Obi steps down 

The presidential candidate Peter Obi of the Labour Party 2023 Nigerian election has stepped down from the race. In the new interview, Mr Gregory Peter Obi declared his full step down, his intentions is yet unknown to the public as he refused to talk about it. The only word he said; It is done. I can’t continue.

His fans has taken to the social media to express their utmost feelings about Obi’s step down. The reactions on Twitter are below

BREAKING: Peter Obi Finally Steps Down He Peter Obi stepped down from his land cruiser to receive fatherly birthday blessings from pastor Oyedepo. If you felt a little happiness when you read the heading of this tweet, you are a witch and God will punish you.

Nigeria over self and greed. For equity, justice and fairness, the next president of Nigeria should be from the southeast. God so kind Peter Obi ticks the right boxes and is from there. So, what’s Atiku saying. Atiku can be a hero if he steps down for Peter Obi. Periodt!

Even if Peter Obi steps down today, Atiku won’t win. Most Southerners won’t support another 8 years of Northern rule. PDP destroyed their chances because of one man obsession.

The earlier he gets po to steps down better for him ,undertaking LP would be his biggest mistake all things been equal LP supporters vote pdp normally so obi contested that his 11million is down to 8 already.

The reasons of him stepping down is still unknown but rumours has it that he stepped down from his car to pick his 100 naira MTN recharge card that flew through the window.



Is this a fake news or real? Could Peter Obi steps down from 2023 presidential race?

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