Post Malone Takes To The Sea Following Harrowing Jet Flight

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Post Malone may abhor air travel

The “Rockstar” singer bluntly professed a hatred for flying, explaining the situation was ultimately remedied by a “goddamn good pilot.” In any case, Posty landed in Europe unscathed, though his distaste for air travel has no doubt intensified. Posty actually fired off a massive group text telling everybody he “loved them.” Serious shit, and we’re happy he came through to tell the tale.
Post has decided it was time to live a little, taking to the San Tropez waters with a seafarer’s courage. Post made sure to spend his time offshore in style, hitting up a private yacht, complete with a “hot shower” and unlimited jetski access. For those invested in celebrity companionship, it appears Posty was joined by a lady-friend, who TMZ suggests was likely his girlfriend Ashlen Diaz (they maintain it looks like her, despite being told otherwise).
Post is living his best life, proving that while money doesn’t buy happiness, it can certainly open some truly fascinating doors.

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